Robert M BergerFounder and architect Robert M. Berger is both a leader and innovator, known for embracing architecture as a harmonious blend of life, work, land, climate and light. Personable, insightful and a visionary, Robert’s discerning eye and passion for all forms of design allow him to create one-of-a-kind homes that are an expression of the owner’s individuality. Paying close attention to the surroundings and owner’s lifestyle, Robert injects his imaginative style, creating a framework where design aspiration becomes realization.

Robert began his journey into design architecture at the University of North Carolina, where he immediately adopted the school’s philosophy of teaching “Art & Architecture as One.” After graduating from UNC, Robert completed his apprenticeship in Westchester County, NY, where he immersed himself in the nuances of the area’s aesthetic while honing his talents in all aspects of the creative and day-to-day process.

His resourceful and analytical approach along with his appreciation of clear, artistic structural expression are the driving forces behind his ability to integrate architecture and engineering as a single art.